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The Nigerian Dwarfs


Captain& Jack

These guys started it all!  We brought them home across the ferry in a laundry basket at only a few hours old!  Immediately we knew our lives had changed for the better!  They lived in the house, were sung lullabies and learned how to eat grass by watching my 7 year old son crawl around on the grass... eating it.  But really, they preferred their bottles!  As they grew old, they didn't want to give up their bottles and had to be tricked into drinking water from a bucket.  In Jack's case he refused the bucket and would only drink from the kayak or a toy dump truck.   

Nowadays Captain & Jack are the leaders.  Jack is the silent partner while Captain makes sure everyone knows where they stand and who to listen to.  

Their human identities would be... Jack is the quarter back because he is very handsome and athletic and always admiring his reflection.  Captain is the frat brother that smashes beer cans on his forehead to try to impress the girls who are all oogaling at his twin.  




Sparrow is very special.  He was born no bigger than your hand and needed clothes pegs to support his legs so he could stand.  He has had countless health issues in his first year but is now strong and healthy and one of the tallest.  He is the sweetest most gentle fella with saggy gray ears, that always look like they are wilting.  Sparrow adores Disney Princess movies or any movie with a catchy tune and loves to sit on the couch and snack on popcorn while he watches.    



Daisy is the herd Queen, which means she is a diva and is the true leader, despite what Captain would like to think.  Daisy loves sparkles, pink, and ice cream!  She is excited to be a Mommy for the first time this year!  



Shy, quiet Willy sits off to the side and is always ready for a pat and a cuddle.  He adores being brushed and unlike most of the others he is a very picky eater.  



Our extreme sports, cuddly, Wrecks is our main paddle board enthusiast. 



The Buck.  Barbossa is the daddy to all this years babies and despite the stereotype of bucks being big bullies, Barbossa is so gentle and sweet... however he can be very stinky!



Pretty Poppet is such a sweet girl.  Her bright blue eyes are always so curious.  She spent her first month as a yoga goat and then lived inside for the next 8 months.  She loves to go camping and for car rides.  Poppet is an independent little lady but loves to spend time with her best friends, Sadie and Dudley (our giant good labradoodle).







Shy but mighty.  Tiki goes where she please, hops in and out of the paddock or her stall and will do just about anything for oranges!



Daisy's firecracker.  Little Shasta has more leaps, more cuddles, more fun, more dance moves than everyone combined!  And look out Wrecks, she paddle boards too!



While his twin sister Shasta is go, go, go, Gerber is all cuddles and chub.