Summer Experiences

All Experiences are for groups of up to 5 people. Extra people will be $5 each except for the Seas the Day where they are $10 each.



Did you know beaches, pirates and goats go together?  Well they do here at Beach Goats.  A lot of the goats are named for pirates for a good reason.  We love them!  

With the Pirates! experience you and your group will enjoy 2 hours on the beach with the goats.   You will learn local pirate legends, be introduced to Silvertooth, the pirate who may challenge you to a daring walk the plank feat at sword point.  You will embark on a treasure hunt to help recover Silvertooth's treasure, if he deems you worthy and take some of the booty home with you.  We encourage pirates to come dressed up but we have some pirate attire here for those who don't travel with all their pirating gear.  You will also receive an authentic Beach Goats Pirate sword.       

Please book 48 hours ahead of time so that we can insure Silvertooth isn't off defending the 7 seas.  This experience can be geared for a multitude of ages so please let us know if you will have young scally wags or old sea dogs.  

Ahoy!  Let the adventure begin!

$150 for 2 hours for a group of 5

each additional pirate will be $10 


Beach Walk

Goat FArmer

Beach Walk


A walk down the beach to discover sea glass, shells, and pretty rocks while watching the goats eat sea weed and sea grass.  Learn about the local plants and sea life.  Bring water shoes so the goats can lead you to their favourite sandbars. 

Add up to an hour for this add-on.  

+$20 for up to an hour

Lane WAlk

Goat FArmer

Beach Walk


Enjoy a walk from the farm to the beach with the goats.  Watch them jump and run and snack on all the tasty things along the way.  Remember your bug spray depending on the breeze they can be bad!  Add this experience to start at the farm and end at the beach.


Goat FArmer

Goat FArmer

Dirty Feet SHirts


Come try your hand at goat farming.  we have a variety of simple farm chores you can experience from learning about hoof care, feeding, milking and brushing.  For those really ambitious types we have barn cleaning and stall mucking!  Plan an extra 2 hour for this add-on.

+$80 for 2 hours

*this can also be booked as a stand alone*  

Dirty Feet SHirts

Dirty Feet SHirts

Dirty Feet SHirts


PEI is famous for our red sand and the goats are famous for making  you dirty.  Purchase a white Beach Goats shirt and wear it for some fun foot print patterns or rub it in the clay to have a red stained dirt shirt.  

Ask ahead about sizes or bring your own white shirt!  

+$10 for taking the goats to the mud

*shirts can be purchased for $25*


Dirty Feet SHirts



A campfire on the beach is a perfect way to end off any day.  Add-on a campfire to any experience and you can relax by the fire while watching the goats munch on their favourite seaweed.  We may be biased but we feel we have some of the best sunsets on the entire island right on our very beach.  You are welcome to bring marshmallows and campfire snacks but beware you may have to share with a goat or... more!  

+$30 for an hour-ish


Dirty Feet SHirts



Ask us about our stuff!  We have shirts, hats, stickers, water bottles and can order just about anything you would like.  We are hoping we will even have some handmade crocheted goats available as well!

Shirts $25

Water Bottles $5

Small Stickers $0.50

Large Stickers $1