Goats For Sale

We love goats... but so do you, so we want to share some of that with everyone!  We have a  select few goats available for adoption.  All goats who are re-homed are only being re-homed because we cannot keep them all, although we wish we could!  

Please send us an e-mail for more information.

About Us





Nemo is a silly, loveable girl who loves cuddles and attention, but is not needy.  She is a proven breeder and is an outstanding Mom.  She would very much like to find a furever home with her sister, Dory.


Dory -SOLD-



Dory is a delightful 4 year old Alpine.  She is an excellent milker.   She is currently in milk giving almost 2 litres a day.  She is slightly more reserved than her sister but adores cuddles and is easy to manage.  She would very much like to find a home with her sister, Nemo.  





 Babies are fun, bouncy and cute.  We sell some of the babies that our goats have.  We have a waiting list, so please contact us to get on our waiting list! 

All applicants must be approved before adoption is finalized.

Shasta & Gerber -SOLD-


Twin Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Shasta and Gerber pictured with Mom, Daisy (not for sale).  The twins were born April 29, 2009 and sired by Barbossa.  They are extremely bonded and cannot be separated.  The reason for selling is it is just so hard to insure Barbossa doesn't breed with Shasta.  



This blue eyed beauty will make an incredible doe to add to your herd.  She is dynamic and confident, always with a tender side for Gerber.  Shasta would rather play than cuddle, she leaves the cuddling for Gerber.  



Its all about the cuddles with Gerber and the snacks but I'm sure cuddles may win out.  Gerber is sweet and mild and loves attention and coddling.  He has been fixed so he will stay sweet and gentle.  He always lets Shasta win every game.